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       "My name is Doug Cason, sole owner and operator of Piece Count Take Offs. Over the past 34 years I've managed over $100 Million dollars worth of commercial and large wood framing projects. I've worn the hats of superintendent, project manager, estimator & owner of a general contracting company. Today, I utilize my business and construction experience to providing material take offs for commercial wood framing projects. I hope you will give me the opportunity to earn your business." 

                                                                    "May God Bless You and your business ventures."   - Doug Cason

     Here at Piece Count Take Offs, I provide a variety of useful and beneficial products that are vital to every large wood framing project. I want nothing more than for your project to be as profitable and efficient as possible. 

      The first thing I do is learn your project. I will take the time to read all of the architectural and structural notes, as well as the specifications related to your scope of work. I fill out a detailed analysis form before I ever start building it through the digitizer. Your take-off will be specific from the lumber species to structural specifications.

      Next, I study every section detail within the Architectural & Structural plan pages, noting special conditions & finding the inconsistencies between the two, (which always exist). All details requiring clarification will be listed in the RFI report I will provide to you, so you can research the answers before you finalize your proposal, place a material order, or begin to build. I have hands on experience in finding construction problems so I offer this valuable insight to you to help minimize the hidden surprises on your projects.     

       Next, I upload the needed Architectural & Structural pages into the digitizer and begin building it, piece by piece, continuing to look for the problems and documenting areas of concern.  The software utilizes years of framing experience to refine waste factors and accuracy factors for studs, plate, sheathing and thousands of other products. Or if you are an experienced framer with your own preferred take-off & waste factors you would like for me to use, then I will follow your direction to customize your takeoff. If you would like this service, just let me know.  I will also section and organize the take off into whatever 'lumber packs' you would like. Such as lumber packs for each floor of a building or perhaps each building type in a multifamily project. Maybe you would like to have the framing package separated from the sheathing package. You specify how you want it sliced and diced and I will be happy to accommodate you.

      Once the take off is complete, I can then produce color coded placement plans, complete with legends showing exactly what items are and where they are located. I customize item labeling to match the plans for things like; wall types, headers, beams, Shear Walls, stud packs, etc. so the placement plan items can be found in the original plan page schedules. These legends will also show what lumber was ordered for that particular item and the cut logic required to get the appropriate number of pieces so the builder knows how to utilize the lumber on site. This will greatly reduce waste and reorders!

       Here is an overview of the various products I can provide, samples of these are available on the "View Samples" page.

  • Plan Review Notes and RFI's: Included in Basic Service

    • Detailed Project Analysis Spreadsheet.  This worksheet will serve as a valuable quick reference guide to you, so you know what the specs call for and where they are located within the construction documents.

    • Verification of Design RFI.  Missing information and inconsistencies between the architectural and structural pages. I don't guarantee to find all the problems, but I will come darn close!

  • Multiple Reports: 

    • Consolidated Direct Ship List by Application. Included in Basic Service   This makes life easy for your lumber broker/supplier to price out your order quickly. And it will allow your builder to quickly identify what a particular lumber item was ordered for at a glance. For example: the 4x8x19/32" OSB is for "ROOF DECKING", where as the 4x8x15/32" OSB is for "WALL SHEATHING".

    • Phased Direct Ship Lists. Upon Request - Additional Charge Applies  This will allow you to order each floor level or building type separately if you need to. If you need to phase the deliveries, then this is essential for your supplier to know what to ship and accurately price the multiple delivery costs to you up front so you are not caught off guard.

    • Grouped Material Packs Lists. Upon Request - Additional Charge Applies   Perhaps you need the siding elements separated from the lumber or perhaps the dimensional lumber separated from the engineered products. Maybe it would be helpful to separate the I-Joists from everything else. These "Pack Lists" also come in handy when checking inventory on the job site.

  • Color Coded Placement Plans:​  Upon Request - Additional Charge Applies 

    • Each plan page used to perform the takeoff will be provided with all items color coded and labeled. Labels will match those found in the construction documents unless appropriate labels are not provided. If not, then we will create them as needed and provide you a legend for them. For example, usually the Architectural Wall Types are only created to represent differences in wall composition, but not differences in stud length, therefore I will create more detailed wall type labeling to include every wall that has any condition differing from other walls. 

    • Large building footprint plan pages require multiple close up shots that are re-scaled to a larger scale so that all labels are clearly readable. There will be a separate full size color page created for each of these "close-ups".  

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    • Upon approval of your membership, I will send you a confirmation email, then you can forward your first project to me to review for an estimate.

"Thanks for visiting and I look forward to working for you!"  -  Doug Cason

Contact me at: Doug@PieceCountTakeOffs.com  or Call my cell: 918-808-7480

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