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  • Architectural Elements

  • Structural Members

  • I-Joists (For Budgeting)

  • Matching Application Labeling per Plan Schedules.

  • Customized Wall Assemblies for every condition.

  • Detailed add-ons for Shear Wall HD's & end post members.

  • Customized Stud Count calculations for Openings, T's & Corners.

  • All Sheathing and Shaft Wall Products.

  • Customized Waste Factors  applied per customer request.

  • Wall Stud PET Calculations

  • Building Wrap, Tapes and Window Flashing Tapes & Sealants.

  • Window Counts if needed

  • Temporary Handrail and Wall Bracing materials.

  • Click below for a PDF download of all standard takeoff included items:

  • Consolidated Direct Ship List              This makes life easy for your lumber broker/supplier to price out your entire projects lumber order quickly by consolidating all like items by product type.

  • Phased Direct Ship Lists.                 This will allow you to order each floor level or building type separately if you need to. These reports are essential for your supplier to know what to ship and accurately price the multiple delivery costs to you up front so you are not caught off guard.

  • Grouped Material Pack Lists by Application                                    Material separated into Floor levels by application will allow your framer to know exactly what was ordered for each application on each level, as well as assist them with maintaining inventory.

  • All Reports are available in a variety of formats at no additional charge: PDF, Formulated EXCEL, CSV, Buildertrend or Generic XML 

  • Click below for a complete list of standard included reports, and a copy of each of the most popular material list reports. 

         COLOR CODED                  PLACEMENT PLANS
  • Optional: Additional Charge Applies

  • See in color what members are taken and the piece lengths ordered for them on full size (24x36) plan pages.

  • Each plan page used to perform the takeoff will be provided with all items color coded and labeled.

  • Labels will match those found within the plan schedules if provided. If not, then custom labels are created.

  • Each plan page includes a "Cut Logic Legend" which shows each item by label, application, members ordered and how to cut the number of pieces required.

  • Greatly reduce wasted materials, no more joists getting cut up for blocking!

  • Custom Wall Labels show where PET studs are located as well as plate members, blocking and Shear Wall Sheathing.

  • Large building footprints are re-scaled into close up sections for easier locating of specific members.

  • Click below to download a sample project placement plan page.

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