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Piece Count Options & Pricing

         Pricing is determined by the services you require, the building type or types, total area square feet and the total number of framed levels. Please note I only perform take offs for wood framed buildings up to 4 stories tall. Below you will find basic explanations of what is included in each of the available options. Every project is different, and therefore so is the cost and time it takes to complete the take off. Simply email me a link to your plans and tell me what you need a takeoff on. I will send you back a quote and a time to complete the work. I focus on one project at a time, so you will have my undivided attention. 

Takeoff Options Include the Following Nominal & Engineered Lumber items.  All take offs are calculated using experienced waste and accuracy factors. Custom factors can be incorporated upon request and submission of the "Custom Overage Percentage Form", available upon request.

- Basic Framing Package

   - Stud Walls

       - Wall LF is figured through doors & windows to                     allow for corners, trimmers and jack studs.

       - Each Wall Type Identified, Color Coded

          & Labeled including Shear Walls.

       - Sill Plate (Treated on Slab)

       - Studs (Calculated Precut Lengths)

       - Top Plates

   - Floor & Ceiling Joists 

       - Hangers will be shown on placement plans but                     not identified in parts list. (See Hardware Takeoff)

   - Floor Decking

   - Roof Decking

   - Fixture Blocking

   - Exterior Sheathing

   - Truss Bracing

   - Wall Bracing

   - Headers & Beams & Ledgers

   - Stairs

   - Parapets, Soffits, Sub-fascia

   - Fur-downs & Lowered Ceilings

   - I-Joist Squash Blocks

   - Overbuild Roof Framing


Building Wrap & Flashing Tapes

  - Specified Wrap Product

  - Seam Tape

  - Window Opening Flex Flash

  - Window Edge Straight Flash

- Siding & Trim Components

  - Each Siding Product Identified & Color Coded on                Placement Plans

  - Window, Door & Corner Trim Boards

  - Fascia

  - Cornice Buildups

  - Gable Trims

  - Cove Moldings

- Floor & Roof I-Joists & Rim

  - Each I-Joist Product Identified & Color

    Coded on Placement Plans

  - Interior & Exterior Rim Product


  - Hardware: Hangers, hold downs, through rod systems,         angles, clips, etc.

  - All Sealants: I.e., Windows & Thresholds, etc.

  - Fasteners: Nails, Screws, Lag Bolts, Through Bolts,              Anchor Bolts, etc. 

How to get a Piece Count Takeoff Estimate:

1.  Go to the "Sign Up Page" and fill out the form to request             a free account.  Why sign up?

       -  So I know who you are & how to contact you.


2.  Read the "General Terms of Service". Once you click on             the submit button for a free account, you are                         accepting them as a binding contract should you                 place an order with us. 

3.  I will review your request and promptly send you a                     confirmation email.

4. Upon acceptance, you may email me a link to your                     project files for which you would like an estimate for             the takeoff. Just tell me what items from the list to                 the left you need taken off..

5. I will review the project and email you back a quote and             a time frame for completion.

6. Reply to the email with an approval of the quote and                   time.

7.  If you are a first time customer, I will send you a                         digital invoice for the 25% deposit required to begin             the work. Payment must be made through the                       provided secure portal with a credit card. This                       deposit covers any printing costs we feel                               are necessary to perform the takeoff requested.                   And it assures us you are serious about the order.

8. Once the deposit payment is received, I will begin your               project. I only perform one project at a time. Yours               will have my full attention.

9. Once completed, I will email you 1/2 of the                                  consolidated direct ship lumber list and one page of            the placement plans if ordered, along with the                      online invoice where you will make the final 75%                    payment. 

10. We reserve the right to waive the 25% deposit                            requirement for repeat customers who have proven              trustworthy.

11. We will promptly email you all Piece Count Lists                           requested in the order, as well as a secure Drop                   Box link where all of your placement plans will be                 stored for 30 days. So you can download, share or               send them out for printing.